Miyerkules, Hulyo 25, 2012

Greetings! My name is Desiree and this my site. I created this website as a project with Writing ESCO, which is an ESL and Website Development program. If you want to work with me, fill up the contact form found on this site. Below is my Curriculum vitae, along with some examples of online websites and web content I posted before.

Graduated with honors from ECU
9 years of web content writing experience (specifically for Online audiences)
7 years of website creation experience.
Competent, self-motivated professional with a taste for information.

Work Experience.
Writing ESCO,2007 - Present
Staff Manager
In charge of choosing a international group of writers to accommodate a complex list of advanced objectives and goals.
- Create cutting edge records for production, boosting production by 25% throughout the world
- Effectively controlled consistent logs of task distribution
- Operated QA for worldwide development over a sizable group of writers

Self Employed Web Designer

Additional Expertise
Proficient in Mandarin
Exceptional knowledge using a huge choice of office software

Samples of English Writing

Alternator Problems

You have to make sure that the drive belt has the proper tension and the alternator is tightly secured. In between alternator and starter solenoid, there is a fusible ink that needs to be checked if... To read more click here...

Automotive Classes

Technical and trade educational facilities occasionally provide compacted qualification programs. With respect to the quantity of time it is possible to invest in the programs every week, certificates from the trade institution providing automotive classes could be gained in just twelve months or even less. If you... Source of information..

AWD Cars

This is very important especially when driving in slippery roads and rough terrains. When a 2- wheel drive car gets stuck in a muddy trench, it is usually difficult to get out of that situation especially if the wheels that are stuck are... Continue reading..

Ball Joint

Therefore, read the manual carefully to find out what type of ball and socket joints used by your car. The second thing to do is find a wear indicator. While your car is stationary,... Continue reading..

Car Payment Calculator

With the use of these calculators, the payee will be able to carefully keep track of where the money goes. Interests and principals will be easily followed without any problem. There are actually numerous payment calculators that will be able to help a car loan payee and those who want to... Click here to continue..

Customize Your Car

You are concern about the style of your car because the second you bought maybe a little rusty or like maybe a little out of style. You need not to worry because you can always customize your car. Actually, customizing your car is somewhat a favor hobby of people who are fund of cars, who treat their cars... Read more..

Fuel Injection Service

Without regular cleaning, dirt and other debris might accumulate in the mouth of the injector which will possible impede or block the correct flow of fuel into the combustion valves. The ignition of the fuel produces heat energy with carbon as a byproduct. Carbon... Source..

Needle Valve

A needle valve actually has a very simple construction and it has a total of 6 main functioning parts. In these valves it is used in plumbing,... More on this page..

New Car Leads

Once again, it really is expensive with no assurance on generating new car leads to your own car dealership company. Another way that one could definitely make use of to get the interest of one's potential car leads is advertising and marketing in television, newspapers, posters, print media, as well as billboards. Even though traditional by nature however this process has allowed car dealership companies to succeed in generating more quantity of... Read more..

New Cars Under 20 000

The price starts at $19,995, the Subaru legacy is really a great choice when looking for new cars under 20 000. The Legacy provides plenty of common choices you'd probably see in... More on this page..

Online Driving Test

Taking tests unprepared may only lead to mistakes and worst, failure. So before you take a test you should be 100 percent prepared. Reviewing... Click here to continue..

Parts Canada

– Montreal, Quebec Excel Auto Supply Ltd (Div. of NAPA Auto Parts) – Berwick, Nova Scotia Master Auto Supply Ltd – Richmond Hill, Ontario Pubnico Auto Parts Ltd – Pubnico, Nova Scotia NAPA Auto Parts – Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia Kings County Auto Parts Ltd –... Read more..

Parts Of A Boat

But it is also factual that slight to significant variations in parts of a boat depending mainly on the type of boat. Naval ships or war ships, International route Public transport sea vessels and international luxury liner cruising ships, exclusive cargo shipping and submarines,... More on this site..

New Cars Under 10 000

If you were to make a choice between used and new car, what would it be? It is no doubt that the sources for new cars under 10 000 dollars are of small number, and not everybody can get access to those. Getting great deals may not be something that everybody is capable of... More on this page..

Boat Fenders

Storage space on boats is usually quite a job. You can find spaces below bench seats, beneath individual seats, in the side ditch, or when your boat is big enough, there could be a storage closet or cabinet. Obviously, you can find an area to place your boat accessories such as fenders, spare engine parts, tools, anchors, towels, and even spare propellers; after all, boat... Continue reading..

Houseboats For Sale

If not, from the rental you'll get a good option of what you actually require in a houseboat. If you just try to look around you can choose from a few of the inexpensive... Read more..

Paddle Boats

It also enables you to take pleasure in the surroundings as well as check out the location in a cozy speed. Nevertheless, utilizing the inappropriate paddle boat may take the enjoyment away. While they're commonly created for... Find out more...